Standard Entry Form

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The aircraft must be specifically insured for aerobatics, and have a public liability insurance of $5M or greater.

If you are unsure what aircraft you will be flying pick Type: "Unknown"


Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. I agree to pay the entry fee for the contest via EFT prior to the competition, or cash on the day (some competitors may be exempt or subsidised.  BSB: 086-006  Account Number: 56-397-3746   Account Name: Aerobatics Association of Australia)
  2. I understand that entries close one week before the competition start date.   I agree that late entries may only be accepted at the discretion of the Contest Director.
  3. I agree to adhere to the AAC Contest Regulations or any other rules which shall, for the time being, be applicable; whether in addition to or in substitution thereof.   I further waive any right to protest based on errors, conflicts or changes embodied in these AAC Contest Regulations and the requirements for the safe and orderly conduct of the WACAAC (West Australian Chapter - Australian Aerobatic Club) Contest.
  4. I certify that I will accept the decisions of the Contest Officials as final and I specifically waive all rights to pursue a review of any such decision by action through the Courts of Australia or elsewhere.
  5. I, the undersigned, in making application for entry in the WACAAC Contest, understand that this application will not become an entry until it is accepted by the Contest Director.   Entry fee is to be returned, in the event entry is not accepted.
  6. I hereby agree to attend all Pilots briefings as scheduled and familiarise myself and abide by the AAC Contest Regulations and Code of Conduct.   I also agree that all matters not covered in such Regulations shall be subject to the decision of Contest Officials.
  7. I further agree, if I am the pilot of any aeroplane in any event of the WACAAC, to submit, if required to do so, to a physical examination by the Physician appointed by the said Contest Officials for the purpose of determining my physical fitness to participate in the event.
  8. It is further agreed that any announcements, notices or decisions sent to me or my representatives shall be deemed properly addressed if directed in accordance with the address given above.
  9. I agree that the WACAAC retains all rights to the sale of still or motion pictures, video and audio tapes of my participation in this Contest.   In addition all broadcasting (radio & television) rights are retained by the WACAAC.
  10. I expressly acknowledge and agree that it is an essential condition of my participation that:- I accept the entire risk of injury to or any loss or damage suffered by myself, my agents or representatives, resulting directly or indirectly from my participation, even if the same is caused by the negligence of the Club, its agents, or servants;  I accept full responsibility and liability for all or any injury or damage to persons or property caused by myself, my agents, or servants or representatives arising from my participation or in any way referrable to, or arising from, the operation, maintenance or storage of any aeroplane or equipment either during the Contest or any prior or subsequent period during which I may use the airport or related facilities.
  11. I acknowledge that the WACAAC has no control over, or responsibility for, any flight or flight-related activity of any contestant and I hereby agree for myself and my executors and administrators to indemnify and to keep indemnified the WACAAC and Officials, sponsors, affiliates and underwriters and all personnel engaged in connection with the said Contest in respect of any such action claim or liability.
  12. The WACAAC makes no guarantee that any contestant or visiting pilot or crew will receive complimentary or reduced rates on gas, oil, service, meals, hotel etc. purchased at the Contest venue or any stop on route to, during or returning from the WACAAC Contest and assumes no responsibility for any of the above expenses.
  13. The WACAAC reserves the right to alter both the venue and date of the Contest at any time without prior notice.

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