State Competition 2017 Info

Planes at YCUN

2017 West Australian

State Aerobatics Competition – April 21st to 23rd

Note: Details may be subject to change, updates will be made regularly. The below information can be downloaded from the link below, which includes descriptions on the lower-level sequences.

Please complete the entry form online HERE.


The 2017 West Australian Autumn Aerobatics Competition will be held at Cunderdin (YCUN). The airfield is a giant ex-military base approximately 2 hours drive East from Perth.

Contest Entry

All members of the West Australian Chapter of the Australian Aerobatic Club are eligible to attend, and other national members are invited to compete. If you are not yet a member, this can be easily arranged prior to or during the competition.

It is a requirement that all Unlimited, Advanced and Intermediate pilots have completed the Judges Home Study Course and be prepared to judge at the competition to be eligible to compete. We do ask that experienced Sportsman pilots also complete the course.

The competition will have a contest entry fee of $150 per person (Graduate to Unlimited).

“Entry” category competitors are eligible for a free State membership and their entry fee waived.

Competitors who take on executive duties (e.g. Contest Director, Contest Adminstrator or Chief Judge) will also have their entry fees waived.

We must have a minimum of 8 entries by April 1st for the event to go ahead.

Closing date for entries is the 18th April 2017.   Entries received after this date may be accepted at the discretion of the Contest Director.   Competitors are asked to email their licence, medical, insurance, and low-level approval to prior to the above cut off date.   Forms A, B and C for the free program (if applicable) are also required to be sent with the entry form.

Entry fees can be paid by direct deposit to the West Australian chapter bank account, or cash on the day.

BSB: 086 006       Account Number: 563973746      Account Name: Aerobatics Association of Australia

 Contest Officials

Contest Officials are yet to be appointed, and will depend on the number of people who participate in the competition.

Registration – Pilots

  1. Contestants must be registered by 8:30am on April 21st
  2. Late registration may be accepted at the discretion of the Competition Director.
  3. The following documents must be produced:

i.              A current pilots license

ii.              A current medical certificate

iii.              A current AFR

iv.              Proof of capability (i.e. aerobatics ratings and low level waivers) if new to the sport

v.              A current FAI Sporting Licence (for Advanced and Unlimited pilots)

vi.              A copy or digital file of your free sequence (Sportsman and above pilots only)

vii.              6 paper copies of your free sequence forms A, B, and C. (Sportsman and above only)

  1. Contestants are encouraged to email the above documents to to pre-register prior to the event.

 Registration – Aircraft   

The following documentation must be produced at registration, uploaded to the AAC website, or emailed to prior to arrival at the competition:

i.              Current maintenance release

ii.              Insurance certificate showing public liability cover of $5,000,000. The policy must specifically state that it is valid for aerobatics

iii.              Authorisation from the aircraft owner to use their aircraft in this competition

Contestants who are emailing registration information are asked to check with the contest secretary on arrival at the competition to ensure that all documents have been received and are appropriate.


All aircraft must be VHF com radio equipped in accordance with the AAC rule book.   Frequencies that will be used at the competition are 125.05 Aerobatic Box and 127.8 Cunderdin CTAF.

The technical committee may inspect each aircraft prior to the first practice flight and subsequently if requested by the contest director. Aircraft with defects may be refused registration or may have registration withdrawn by the technical committee.


The first competition briefing will be held at 8:30am on Friday April 21st, and at 8:00am on the following days. Subsequent briefings will be held during the contest and will be notified by the Contest Director at the first briefing. All officials, judges and competitors are required to attend briefings.  Competitors who fail to attend briefings may be disqualified.  Competitors who arrive late will be penalised.

Contest Rules

The contest will be conducted according to the rules of the AAC.   Unlimited and Advanced category competitors will also be governed by the CIVA rules for powered aerobatic competition section 6 part 1, which is available from the FAI web site,

Categories and Flights

We will be offering the following categories for entry, and will attempt to complete all flights if time permits:

Entry – Known x 2

Graduate – Known x 2, Unknown

Sportsman – Known, Known/Free, Unknown

Intermediate (Aus) – Known, Free, Unknown

Advanced – Free Known, Free Unknown #1, Free Unknown #2

Unlimited – Free Known, Free Unknown #1, Free Unknown #2


Competitors may use Cunderdin in the weeks prior for practice providing they abide by normal procedures.

Free Sequences

Forms A, B and C of the known or Q sequences are available on the AAC web site.

Free sequences must be submitted with your entry form or emailed to the Contest Secretary.   A soft copy constructed in Microsoft VISIO with the ARESTI power update is the preferred delivery method. If you alter your sequence after it has been checked, a signed off copy must be resubmitted prior to registration.

 Fuel and Oil

Fuel is available for purchase at Cunderdin through the Gliding Club. Limited oil may be available but competitors are encouraged to bring their own supply of oil.


Hangarage is available for aircraft thanks to assistance from Soarability and Dunns Aviation. Please contact the Club President to register your interest.

Accommodation and Transport

Contestants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. We recommend contacting Soarability ( who have small donger-type accommodation at the field. There is also the Ettamogah pub in town. Transport can be provided by club members to and from the field, town and Perth Airport if required.


Please note that this is a preliminary program and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Contest Director.

Friday 21st April – Day 1

8:30am                        Briefing and Registration

9:30am                        Contest starts (Knowns)

12:30pm                      Lunch

1:00pm                        Contest continues (Frees/Known #2)

6:00pm                        Box closes (sunset)

7:00pm                       Dinner at town pub

Saturday         22nd April            Competition Day 2

8:00am                        Competition Briefing

8:30am                        Contest flights (unknowns, entry knowns)

12:30pm                      Lunch

1:00pm                        Contest flights (free unknowns, entry knowns)

6:00pm                        Box Closes

Presentation Dinner: Gliding Club at 6:30pm

Sunday           11th October            Weather day


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